Сиденье Corbin для BMW C650 GT (2012-2013)
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Wide, ergonomically shaped seating buckets provide excellent weight distribution for a high level of comfort and support on your Urban Mobility Vehicle. Designed to provide great lower back support and works with our optional backrests in both the rider and passenger seating positions. With backrests installed, the saddle provides 17" of vertical support up front and 10" for your passenger.

Our sculpted seating positions give more square inches of body contact to eliminate hot spots and relieve centralized pressure that transfers to your tailbone. We've kept good ground reach by keeping width narrow at the nose area. Seating positions are neutralized to provide a relaxed riding posture that minimizes sliding in the saddle.

Corbin backrests are simple to install and adjust easily to your riding posture. Just slide the backrest shaft into the internal hardware and lock it in place with a single bolt. You can then set the backrest angle to your preferred setting and lock it in with the easily accessible adjustment screw. Choose from a variety of backrest styles to suit your taste. We recommend the #02-S Ovalbac shown here for a good combination of looks and support.

To supply total comfort, Corbin backrests are sculpted just like the saddle to provide an ergonomic fit to your body and give you support without pressure points.

Seat and backrest are built up with our exclusive Comfort Cell® foam. Comfort Cell® is firmer than stock foam so it offers long lasting support. This closed cell foam retains resilience indefinitely and will actually break in to take on your shape as the miles roll by. Under the foam our rigid Fibertech basepan is specially designed to support the foam shape and fit perfectly to every contour of your bike.

For an added level of luxury, the Corbin saddle offers electric heaters in both the rider and passenger seating positions. Rider heat is controlled via the stock BMW controls while passenger seat has switch conveniently located on the side. Perfect for those chilly morning rides.

Genuine leather seating is included with your choice of colors and style. Leather is a great seating surface for saddles because it is a natural product that will breathe and not trap too much heat against your body. It will also break in along with the foam shape and provide a personalized fit. Just be sure to care for it properly with a quality conditioner like our Saddle Cream. This will help your seat to remain weather resistant and age gracefully while it develops its own unique character (just like a leather jacket).

Corbin backrests offer a choice of rear finishing plates to customize the look even further. We have a leather look, carbon-fiber look or paintable model. If you'd like to add a little more storage, the finishing plate can be replaced with our unique glovebox that adds four liters of locking storage to your C650. Perfect for keys, cell phones, bottled water and other incidentals. For more info, click on the Accessories tab.

Installs onto your stock BMW hinge and latches like stock. Due to the rigid basepan and internal backrest support hardware, the Corbin saddle is heavier than the stock seat but the BMW strut still holds the seat in position when open. Seat heater plugs into existing wiring on your bike.

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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