Сиденье Corbin Dual Sport для BMW R1200 R (2007-2014)
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Dual sculpted seating positions designed to fit the shape of human anatomy providing more square inches of support and proper weight distribution. Split cushion design separates back and posterior platforms to minimize central pressure. High density Comfort Cell foam material provides a platform firmer than stock for long lasting comfort. Built up on our rigid Fibertech basepan reducing flex and supporting the carefully engineered ergonomics of the foam shape. Basepan also offers the strength and structural integrity necessary to support Corbin's internal backrest system. Designed to fit perfect to every groove of the BMW bodywork and rides on rubber bumpers to protect your paint.

Accepts a variety of optional backrest models to suit your taste. For the best combination of looks and functionality, we recommend the model #02-SB shown above. Corbin's backrests provide sculpted support and an extra feeling of security for your copilot. All models feature built in angle adjustment to tailor the fit to rider's posture. Backrests lock in with a single screw under the saddle and are easily angle adjusted without removing from the seat.

Corbin Canyon Dual Sport is designed as low as practical while maintaining the comfort and support needed for long range riding. Seating platforms have been neutralized to curb sliding in the saddle and reduce rider fatigue. This shape does create a platform that is higher than the BMW "Low" model seat shown in the animation above, but provides much better long term support.

Covered using genuine leather seating plaforms for a ride that breathes with your body. We suggest Corbin's naural grained Black Mercedes leather with our tasteful stitch pattern in the seating and Asphalt vinyl sides to provide a bit of contrast. This combination looks great on all bike colors and provides a nice, custom touch.

If you're looking to add a bit of storage to your R1200 R, we also offer a unique Glovebox that mounts on the Corbin #02-SB and #297-S model backrests in place of the finishing plate. Providing four liters of storage to carry all your small travel essentials like maps, cell phones, gloves and bottled water. Comes either in unfinished ABS (black) or painted gloss black for a little extra. Fully lined on the inside with weather stripping and door lock to keep your contents secure.

Saddle installs easily on your BMW and integrates with the factory key lock system. Brackets are preinstalled on the saddle so it's ready to go right out of the box. Optional backrests install with a single screw under the saddle and into the backrest shaft to lock it in place. Corbin Glovebox installs onto the back of Corbin backrests in place of the finishing plate using just two screws.

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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