Сиденье Corbin для Ducati 900ss и 900cr
Для выбора цветов и материалов перейдите по ссылке на конфигуратор Corbin.com:
- Одинарное сиденье Ducati Pre 1994
- Одинарное сиденье Ducati 1994+up
- Видеоинструкция по использованию конфигуратора

Excellent comfort is available for the classic 900 Ducatis! "Gunfighter" provides a great solo ride with racebike looks though its fastback tail. Fits 900ss, 750ss, 700ss, 600ss and 400ss (but not with seat cowl).

More comfort through ergonomic design and neutralized seating means longer rides! Gunfighter is color coordinated to the Ducati with Tomato red tail, White welts and Moto Sport emblem.

Saddle mounts with stock key lock system and includes genuine leather seating panel inserts. '94 & up models require the seat latch be transferred from your original seat. Please make sure and use the original Ducati flat head screws!

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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