Сиденье Corbin для Ducati Multistrada 1100 и 620 (2004-2009)
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Corbin's Canyon Dual Sport saddle for the new Multistrada gives your bike an extreme comfort boost. We've taken the stock two-piece seat and replaced it with a single piece design that allowed us to build much more supportive seating platforms along with the option of a removable passenger backrest. As you can see from the photos, our sculpted rider's position provides a much greater area of body contact. In fact, the seating area in the front portion provides over six inches of vertical body support! Naturally both seating areas provide a contour designed to fit the human body and eliminate hot spots for longer riding range. For your copilot, we offer a removable passenger backrest that gives even more support and a feeling of security. The Corbin backrest is adjustable to provide a tailored fit to your passenger's posture. Installation of the backrest is a snap with a single setscrew locking it into place under the saddle. Once installed, the angle can be set without removing the backrest from the seat. We offer several backrest models that can work in this seat design, but recommend the #02-S shown. This model gives the best combination of looks and functionality on the Multistrada.

Ergonomic sculpting provides a better fit to your body and improved weight distribution. Neutralized seating posture curbs the tendency to slide in the saddle, which helps to reduce rider fatigue. To aid in ground reach, we've shaved the nose area of the seat narrower than the bucket to allow your legs clearance at stop signs. While riding, just slide back into the bucket for maximum support.

Corbin's seat and backrest combination is designed to install easily on your bike and fit perfectly to the tank and tail section. However, a word of warning is due in this case... the stock seat on your Multistrada is not very simple to remove! In fact, some people may consider removing the stock seat fairly major surgery. We highly recommend you refer to your Ducati owner's manual for this procedure. On the bright side, once the stock seat is removed, the Corbin locks in place easily using the Ducati key lock.

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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