Сиденье Corbin для Ducati Hyper-Motard (2007-2012)
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"...extreme, untamed, over-the-top and always hungry for the next challenge." That's the Ducati Hyper-Motard in a nutshell, straight from the horse's mouth. To make sure the rider is also up for the challenge, we've designed an extremely comfortable saddle that will provide miles of support. Specially designed to provide freedom of movement for aggressive riding while giving access to a wide, ergonomically sculpted position. Weighing in at under 400 pounds and boasting 90 Desmo horsepower, this beasty is a great time just waiting to happen. When you're having that much fun, who wants to stop? Perched on your new Corbin saddle, you won't need to until the fuel runs dry.

We've built a wide, contoured seating platform towards the rear with a narrow, neutralized posture nearer the tank. This gives excellent mobility in the saddle with the option of sliding rearward for additional support. Inside the saddle, our exclusive Comfort Cell foam provides a firm supportive ride that lasts. This exclusive foam material allows us to build a lower profile and still give you just the right amount of resilience. Firm enough to keep your body supported, but soft enough to cushion the ride.

Designed "ergonomically" to fit the shape of your body. This concave shaping provides more square inches of body contact which creates better weight dispersion and helps to eliminate hot spots. Our rigid Fibertech basepan is designed to support the complex shaping of the foam and keep the carefully designed ergonomics intact. Our wider, sculpted seating helps to eliminate the centralized pressure created by the oem unit.

Our unique materials and high density foam allow us to lower the seating platform without sacrificing comfort. Not only does this create better ground reach, but lowers your center of gravity for better handling. On this model we've taken the seat height down approximately 3/4". We've also kept a smooth transition up the tank to allow you to slide your body forward.

On the outside we use only the finest materials available for unique looks and durability. We recommend Carbon-Fiber leather seating for good grip and asphalt vinyl sides for visual contrast (as shown). This gives a very custom look that is subtle and not visually overpowering. This combination along with the embroidered Corbin logo makes a great look.

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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