Сиденье Corbin для Ducati 1198, 1198S, 1098, 1098S и 848

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There is no doubt that when it comes to designing sexy visuals, Ducati is up to the task. Unfortunately, the awe inspiring looks don't usually equate to a comfortable ride. That's where Corbin comes in.

We've engineered a front saddle with a sleek, low profile and a dished shape for better weight distribution. Designed to provide the right blend of comfort and slick styling with high density Comfort Cell foam that supports your body. Corbin's basepan molds perfectly to the bodywork for a custom fit.

So why is there a hole in it? We've never been fond of having to fold back a seat to reach installation bolts. This removes part of the basepan which would allow the seat to flex (that's bad!) Instead, we built in a key lock system to this model that allows simple on & off with a twist of the wrist. Just install our latch bracket to your chassis in stock bolt locations and the saddle will lock into place easily. Includes all brackets and two keys. Notice key-lock placement is low and in a "negative" area where your body won't contact it.

Neutralized seating posture helps to reduce the tendency to slide forward in the saddle while on the brakes. This will enhance your riding range by reducing strain on your wrists and knees. Corbin saddles are designed to help hold you in the sweet-spot on the bike but still allows for a range of movement for more spirited riding styles. Notice the ergonomic dish shaping of the seat. This provides you more square inches of body contact and better weight dispersion.

We've greatly enhanced comfort by building the saddle up with our high density Comfort Cell foam, but kept the racetrack styling and fit to tail section. Our exclusive high density foam material allows us to build a seating platform that provides good support even with a low profile appearance.

Saddle includes leather seating panels along with a wide range of decorating options (shown here with Carbon-Fiber leather seating and Asphalt vinyl sides). Our leather seating provides a unique look, excellent comfort and will also break in along with your foam shape to give you a personalized fit over time. Coordinating vinyl sides keep the foam shape tight and the saddle looking sharp longer.

Corbin's patented manufacturing process allows us to create a shape that fits perfectly and contours every arc and curve of the tank and tail section. Our Fibertech basepan provides a rigid foundation that supports the foam shape to assure the carefully crafted ergonomics remain intact. Underneath, the baseplate rides on rubber bumpers to protect your paint job from scratching.

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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