Сиденье Corbin для Ducati 899 Panigale
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Ergonomically corrected seating platforms built up of high-density Comfort Cell foam provide impressive comfort value. Corbin's front saddle is shaped like your body to create a greater area of body contact and proper weight distribution, the Corbin saddle eliminates pressure points and increases riding range. Built firm to stay resilient and support your body all day.

Our rear seat is built to give a clean profile and fast looks while providing for better passenger transport capability than the OEM unit. On the inside, the saddle is built with the same high quality Comfort Cell foam to provide excellent support. The Corbin rear seat is suitable for mid-range passengers despite the slick, low profile.

After an initial break-in period, Comfort Cell foam will adapt to your body to provide an even greater degree of comfort. Additionally, the seating platform has been neutralized to reduce the tendency to slide towards the tank under braking. Notice also how the front seat is shaped to provide support for your legs while your feet are on the footpegs, but is shaved in the nose area to allow good ground reach.

Our Fibertech basepan creates a firm foundation for the foam shape and keeps the carefully designed ergonomics intact. Engineered to fit every contour of the Panigale and provide a perfect fit. Under the saddle, rubber bumpers keep your paint job safe from scuffing. Both front and rear saddles mount like stock and come with brackets preinstalled on the saddle.

Due to the limited space and lack of sufficient structure, we were unable to incorporate the Corbin passenger backrest system into this seat model. Besides, on bike models like this one, a backrest is of limited use due to the aggressive seating posture.

Corbin saddles come standard with genuine leather seating inserts for a true touch of luxury. We recommend our Carbon Fiber laminated leather seating with Asphalt vinyl sides for a nice accent. Leather will provide a seating surface that breathes with your body and will adapt with the foam during break in for a perfectly personalized fit. For the Panigale we also recommend the tri-color Moto-Sport emblem in the side panel and Italian themed Corbin logo.

Installs like stock and integrates with the Ducati key lock system. Both saddles include brackets premounted on the seat so they're ready for immediate installation. Front seat mounting bracket is shown above in bare aluminum, but will come hard anodized black for a clean look. Corbin front and rear saddles with work with OEM units if desired.

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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