Сиденье Corbin для Ducati Monster M-600, M-700, M-750, M-900 и M-1000 (1993-2005)
Для выбора цветов и материалов перейдите по ссылке на конфигуратор Corbin.com:
- Сиденье для моделей 93-99 г.в.
- Сиденье для моделей 00-05 г.в.
- Видеоинструкция по использованию конфигуратора

Sporty fast looking design fits well into the scheme of the Monster, blending perfectly with the tank and side panels! Improved neutralized seating positions curb the tendency to slide forward in the saddle. Corbin's high density foam allows for a sleek profile while maintaining a comfortably resilient saddle. The tail section of the saddle has been shaped into a well defined passenger area.

Incredible fit to tank, side panels, frame and rear cowling make this seat a must have. Color coordinated with choice of colored welts and Moto Sport emblem along with a host of leather styles to choose from.

Works with stock Ducati cowling and mounts to the motorcycle like the stock seat. Functions on key lock system.

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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