Кофры Corbin для Can-Am Spyder RS (2009-2016)
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You weren't really thinking about adapting saddlebags from some other bike onto your Spyder were you? A unique machine like this requires a unique design in order to look appropriate and that's just what we've come up with!

Corbin's Fleetliner bags were specifically designed for the Spyder to emulate the visuals of the bike and integrate perfectly. Notice how the lines and details of the stock bodywork has been incorporated into the design of the bags... some folks have even said the Spyder looks better and more "balanced" with the Corbin bags installed. As the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words" so we'll let the images above speak for themselves.

Fleetliner saddlebags are specially engineered for each motorcycle so they fit the profile of the bike perfectly, like pieces of a puzzle. This enables the bags to carry the weight of the contents closer to the centerline of the bike and maintain perfect balance. Another benefit of our design and mounting system is a smaller overall width for less wind resistance. You won't even notice they're back there when riding and they remain stable at all speeds.

Because the Spyder doesn't lean in corners, we were able to make these bags larger than the average set... just over 50 liters per side to be exact. For those not committed to the metric system, that's 1.77 cubic feet (13.3 gallons) per side! To help you visualize, consider that a pair of saddlebags together holds roughly half of a 55 gallon drum! That's a lot of storage.

For loading, we've placed the doors on top of the bags and they open forward into the wind. This assures that contents will never spill out of your bags when you open them. The forward hinge motion helps the doors to self-close in the wind if you happen to forget them. Naturally the doors are fully weather stripped to keep the rain out if you should be so unlucky as to get caught in a storm.

Both bags come fully lined to protect your cargo and the doors feature adjustable locks for security. Installation is suitable for the average weekend mechanic and includes all required mounting brackets. Saddlebags are constructed of our Fibertech material for durability and a perfect finish and come to you prepainted to coordinate with factory paint in silver, red or yellow or gloss black for a more stealthy look. Available in a single, solid color or two-toned with black accent as shown on the yellow saddlebag for a little extra.

Fleetliner bags work with your stock turn signals and passenger footpegs. During installation you will be relocating these items to the Corbin saddlebag brackets. Notice also the stock muffler has been rotated down to allow more room in the right side saddlebag. We show our bike above with the stock silencer in the rotated configuration and also with a Micron pipe to release a nice note from that killer Rotax engine. If you'd like to change your pipe like we did, you'll be needing an adapter like the one offered by No Magic Neon Inc. (this is not part of the Corbin installation kit). If you are keeping the stock muffler, you will NOT need this adapter.

Combined with our saddle system, the Spyder becomes a formidable touring machine! Remember, although our saddlebags can hold an impressive amount of gear, it is never a good idea to overload your bike. Always conform to the weight limits outlined in your Can-Am owners manual to assure your safety.

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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