RKA вставки в кофр для Can-Am Spyder F3 (2014-2018)
Naturally we pride ourselves on how the Fleetliner saddlebags look (with good reason). One drawback to the integrated, sculptured design of the Corbin Fleetliner saddlebags, however, is that the interior ends up with an irregular shape that does not lend itself well to a removable liner. Well, our pals over at RKA Motorcycle Luggage have come up with a solution to that by creating a set of liners that stack inside the Corbin bags like puzzle pieces to fill the space.

We are extremely pleased to offer these beautiful saddlebag liners directly for the F3 Fleetliner saddlebags. Although offering another layer of protection and weather proofing for your cargo, their real value is when you pull up to the hotel and need to bring your goodies inside. You can't beat the convenience and they offer a nice, sporty style as well.

The RKA Saddlebag liner set for the Spyder includes six bags custom fitted to the Corbin Fleetliner saddlebags. There are two large triangular bags that make up the bulk of the space, two rectangular bags that sit on top of the large bags and two small bags that fill the rear point of the saddlebags.

All components are build with 600 x 300 Denier Polyester for durability and weather resistance. In fact, all RKA materials are rated at 100% waterproof, but they caution that seams and needle holes could allow intrusion... pretty unlikely unless you plan on going swimming with them if you ask us.

Both large liners feature an adjustable shoulder strap to make handling them a breeze. Dual YKK zipper is an added convenience feature and allows the bags to fold completly open. The medium bags feature non-adjustable shoulder straps, a convenient external pocket and inside pouch. This would be a great piece to carry while away from the vehicle to house your portable camera, cell phone, keys and other incidentals as you're out enjoying the day and exploring. The smallest of the bags has a handy net on the door flap to keep little things separated and handy.

Liner set comes in black with a classy silver accent piping and includes all six pieces.

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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