Сиденье Corbin с кофром для Can-Am Spyder F3 и F3-S (2014-2018)
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- Переднее сиденье с бардачком без подогрева для Can-Am Spyder F3
- Переднее сиденье с бардачком без подогрева для Can-Am Spyder F3 LAMONSTER Cut
- Переднее сиденье с бардачком и подогревом для Can-Am Spyder F3
- Переднее сиденье с бардачком и подогревом для Can-Am Spyder F3 LAMONSTER Cut
- Видеоинструкция по использованию конфигуратора

For a clean solo look and the most convenient storage available, our Smuggler trunk is just perfect. Locking onto your bike in place of the passenger seat, Corbin's Smuggler trunk comes prepainted to coordinate with your stock paint with a black texture body and color matched door. Smuggler provides 10 liters of capacity to stow your daily essentials like your tablet, spare gloves, cell phone bottled water. Up front, the enhanced ergonomics of our front saddle create a perch that provides long range, touring comfort.

Naturally we've built the Smuggler to fit perfectly to the lines of the Spyder to keep that high tech look. Every little detail picks up shaping of the bike and lends a bit more flair. Our patented molding process and exclusive materials create a part with very minimal variation from piece to piece so we can design a precision fit to the F3. The Corbin front saddle and Smuggler trunk bolt together and the whole assembly mounts to your bike using the factory key lock (lock relocation required).

Front saddle accepts our removable rider's backrest in a variety of styles. Corbin's original backrest system provides a very clean installation that uses internal hardware so there are no brackets to clutter up the look of your bike. Backrest angle is adjustable to provide a tailored fit to your posture. We offer several backrest styles to suit your taste and the amount of support you desire. Shown above with Ovalbac model #02-SB for a combined 18 inches of vertical support.

Smuggler's ten liters of capacity helps to keep all your essential gear handy. There's more than enough room for keys, spare gloves, cell phone, tablet (Microsoft Surface shown) and bottled water. You'll find the Smuggler so convenient that you'll be getting stuff out of it every time you stop your bike. Naturally it comes fully finished and prepainted to coordinate with your stock paint so the looks are spectacular right out of the box.

Front saddle uses our exclusive high-density Comfort Cell foam that allows us to build a supportive saddle without a bulky shape. Corbin's Wizards are masters at combining form and function into a saddle that makes you as happy to look at as it does to ride on. Notice how the bucket is designed to emulate the shape of your body. This gives excellent support for longer range. Neutralized seating helps to curb sliding in the saddle which greatly reduces rider fatigue.

All components include genuine leather seating inserts for a truly luxurious ride. For a very classy and subtle touch order your saddle all black or go custom with a wide selection of textures and colors available. Above we show two combinations:

• Black Natural Grain leather seating with Asphalt sides, Black Grabber Trim and Orange stitching to match the chassis

• Black Natural Grain leather seating, Asphalt sides, Orange welt, Black Grabber Trim and Orange stitching to match the chassis
Notice how closely the Corbin designers were able to make the Smuggler fit to the clean design of the bike. The graceful, aerodynamic looks have been kept true for the best possible visual appeal. Smuggler comes fully lined to help protect your cargo and cushion some of the road noise. Naturally, the door opening is fully weather stripped to guard against foul weather as well. Locking door keeps things secure and simple to access.

This saddle is also available in a Lamonster Cut that was designed specifically for Lamonster at SpyderLovers.com. Lamonster Cut models also feature the Lamonster logo stitched in the side panel. Please specify the correct part number when ordering.

Installation involves moving the key operated latch to a different position on the bike. This is a fairly simple process. All required brackets and complete instructions are included.

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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