Сиденье Corbin двойное для Can-Am Spyder RS / ST (2009-2016)
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It didn't take Spyder riders long to figure out a comfort injection was needed for the new Can-Am street bike. For all of its technical prowess and Transformer-like visuals, the good folks at BRP left a bit to be desired when it comes to the rump rest. Fortunately, we knew just what to do about that! We started by designing a two piece saddle to replace the oem single piece seat. For both, we developed a concave seating surface that conforms to the shape of your body and eliminates pressure points. This also spreads body weight over a greater area giving more square inches of body contact and support. Additionally, both positions are neutralized to curb sliding which reduces rider fatigue. This two piece design is part of Corbin's Modular Seating system which allows the rear saddle to be swapped out with our Smuggler Trunk.

As you can tell, this ergonomically designed shape provides a very nice visual effect that flows with the bike's sleek lines. Our Fibertech base material allows us to provide a perfect fit to every arc and contour of the Spyder bodywork while being rigid enough to support the carefully designed foam shape. Fibertech also provides the structural integrity needed for our internal backrest support system.

Corbin backrests (optional) are designed to install easily and lock in place with a single bolt. Built in angle adjustment allows Corbin backrests to be tailored to your riding posture quickly and easily. Use a single backrest to transfer front to rear as needed, or order two backrests for full time use. Choose from a variety of backrest styles to suit your taste. We show two models above; the #297-B standard model and #02-SB Ovalbac model. Corbin's passenger seat will also work with the BRP backrest / luggage rack system in place.

Naturally, Corbin backrests are tailored to match your new Corbin saddle and provide an integrated look. Models like those shown provide contoured support and maximum amount of body support. These models also offer finishing plate options to further customize the look of your Spyder. Backrests come standard with a leather look ABS finishing plate that can be ordered custom in a variety of styles... even paint matched for a little extra.

Front saddle was redesigned in 2011 to allow access to the fuel filler without unlatching the seat. This allows riders to stay seated on the bike while they fill up at the gas station. Fuel door is constructed of durable ABS and mounts to the seat with a Euro style hinge that allows it to open fully out of the way and close without the hinge showing.

For an added bit of luxury, we've designed the front and rear saddles with the option of electric heat! Simple to install with all components built into the saddles. You just have to install a simple wiring pigtail on your bike and enjoy the warmth. A great feature to have when you're taking off early in the morning to beat the traffic! Convenient switch is located on the left side of the saddle. Once on, the saddle will warm up and maintain temperature automatically though an integrated controller. Both front and rear seats are available heated (or non-heated) and have separate switches to control them.

Saddles use our exclusive high-density Comfort Cell foam that allows us to build a supportive saddle without a bulky shape. Corbin's Wizards are masters at combining form and function into a saddle that makes you as happy to look at as it does to ride on. On top, we include genuine leather seating in a variety of styles. If a clean, stealthy look is your thing go straight black... if you'd like something a bit more custom, we have many styles and colors available at no added cost. All styles include custom Corbin Spyder logo embroidered in the side panel and Spider web stitching in choice of thread colors.

Two piece modular seating design will allow for the addition of the Corbin Smuggler trunk. This clever trunk is designed to mount in place of a passenger seat and provide convenient, locking storage that integrates into the line of the bike. Since there was too much information about the trunk to add to this page, we've created a separate page for the Smuggler. You can check it out right HERE.

Simple installation with all required brackets included. Front seat uses Corbin designed hinge that bolts to a stock location on your bike and uses our own fold away prop-rod to keep the seat open. Once installed, seat will open to provide access to the fuel tank just like your stock seat or you can use the conveniently located access door. Rear saddle mounts using a built in Corbin key lock system that integrates to a bracket mounted to the Spyder. Passenger sensor is transferred from the bottom of the stock seat onto the Corbin passenger seat with just two screws.

Want locking storage, but have a passenger too often to use the Smuggler? Corbin's glovebox is an excellent solution for all your quick-access stuff. Simply replace the finishing plate on the Ovalbac model backrest and you've just added four liters of locking storage capacity. It's plenty for a couple bottles of water, cell phone, spare gloves, maps and other incidentals. Constructed of durable ABS plastic and available plain black or prepainted (at additional cost). Check out the optional Glovebox via the Accessories tab.

These saddles are also available in a Lamonster Cut that was designed specifically for Lamonster at SpyderLovers.com. Lamonster Cut saddles also feature the Lamonster logo stitched in the side panel. Please specify the correct part number when ordering.

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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