Сиденье двухместное Corbin для Buell X1 Lightning (1999-2002)
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Corbin now makes an awesome Gunfighter & Lady saddle model for the 1999 Buell X-1. Featuring two biomechanically engineered seating positions for maximum weight dispersion, Corbin's saddle provides true sport touring comfort on the new Lightning. Additionally, both seating platforms have been neutralized to help curb sliding in the saddle under braking. Corbin's Gunfighter & Lady saddle accepts a passenger backrest that adjusts to passenger's posture and installs or removes easily with a single bolt. Both the saddle and backrest come standard with genuine leather seating inserts in Corbin's exclusive Carbon-Fiber embossed design. For a custom touch, color coordinating welts are available at no additional charge.

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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