Сиденье двухместное Corbin для Buell XB-12Ss "Long" (2006 - 2009)

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The longer swingarm and more relaxed riding position extends the capabilities of this model, but for true comfort you're going to need some support. Corbin's Gunfighter & Lady saddle with our high density Comfort Cell foam is just the ticket. We've created an ergonomically corrected seating position that gives more square inches of body contact for comfort that will last as far as you care to ride. Our Gunfighter & Lady saddle provides a seating position an inch lower than stock to allow for good ground reach. The Corbin saddle is designed to maximize comfort while riding the bike so you'll find it best to slide forward in the seat for ground reach at stop signs. Notice how the nose of the saddle is sculpted to facilitate this. While riding, slide back into the seat bucket for maximum comfort and body support.

Designed to work with an optional, removable passenger backrest for adding copilot support and security. Designed to install and remove easily with just a single bolt. Corbin backrest models are adjustable to provide a tailored fit to rider posture.

Works with any of the backrest models available from Corbin, but we have found the Ovalbac model #02-S (shown) to provide the best combination of looks and support. Sculpted contact patch disperses weight across your passenger's back for best support. This one also makes a convenient hand hold when moving your bike around the garage.

The passenger accommodations on the saddle are top notch with sculpted ergonomics to provide long range support. Both the front and rear seating positions are designed to emulate the shape of the human body and create more square inches of body contact. This equates to better weight dispersion and all day riding comfort. Naturally, seating platforms are neutralized to curb sliding in the saddle under braking or acceleration.

In the images above, we show our "hot set up" with Carbon-Fiber style leather in the seating areas with Asphalt vinyl side panels to tie in visually with the bike. This combination looks dynamic regardless of what color scheme your Lightning is sporting.

Installs easily using brackets premounted on the Corbin saddle. Integrates with your Buell key lock system so you're back on the road fast. Saddle fits perfect to the tank, chassis and tail section of the bike. This kind of fit is available only from Corbin and our patented manufacturing process.

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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