Сиденье Corbin для Buell XB-12X Ulysses (2006-2009)

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Congrats, you got yourself a new Buell adventure bike! With the capabilities now at your fingertips, you'll be needing something to support your posterior for the long haul. Corbin's dual saddle with our high density Comfort Cell foam is just the ticket. We've created an ergonomically corrected seating position that gives more square inches of body contact for comfort that will last to the four corners of the world... roughly the reach of your Ulysses! Our Gunfighter & Lady saddle provides a slightly lower seating position than stock, taking the unladen seat height of 35 inches down to 33 and a half. Although this may sound dramatic, the Buell still has a significant reach to the ground. The Corbin saddle is designed to maximize comfort while riding the bike so you'll find it best to slide forward in the seat for ground reach at stop signs. Notice how the nose of the saddle is sculpted to facilitate this.

Ground reach with our seat tested well for riders with an inseam of approximately 31 inches who found it an improvement over the stock Buell seat's reach. Rumor has it that Buell will be releasing a low version seat, but we have not had one available for comparison at this time. Given the design of the Corbin saddle and close fit of our basepan, we have made this seat model as low as possible for ground reach at stop signs.

Naturally, we've designed our saddle to work with Buell's built in luggage rack/backrest Triple Tail™. Whether you're using it to haul your favorite copilot or just a gear bag, the Corbin seat fits perfect. Also notice how closely the saddle fits to the tank, chassis and tail section of the bike. This kind of fit is available only from Corbin and our patented manufacturing process.

The passenger accommodations on the dual saddle are top notch with sculpted ergonomics to provide long range support. Both the front and rear seating positions are designed to emulate the shape of the human body and create more square inches of body contact. This equates to better weight dispersion and all day riding comfort. Naturally, seating platforms are neutralized to curb sliding in the saddle under braking or acceleration.

On the model shown, we used our Carbon-Fiber style leather in the seating areas with Asphalt vinyl side panels to tie in visually with the Ulysses' chassis. This combination looks dynamic on both the black bike or the orange model. A wide range of leather & vinyl materials are available for a custom look if desired (see our General Info section).

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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