Сиденье Corbin для BMW R1200 GS (2004-2012), R1200 GS Adventure(2013), GS Adventure 90 (2006-2012)
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BMW has created another awesome adventure machine and naturally Corbin has perfected the ergonomics for you. Our saddles offer you a more sculpted seating platform that conforms to the shape of your body for better support and greater square inches of body contact. Of course we build them up with our Comfort Cell foam for firm support that lasts all day and engineered in a removable, adjustable rider backrest. For maximum versatility we've designed the Corbin components to interchange with the BMW pieces and even offer a setup with electric seat heaters built in. All special features of the Corbin saddles are contained within the seat for a very clean look and simple installation. Notice how the backrest works with an internal bracket that doesn't clutter up the look of your bike. Please note: Corbin backrest does not work in the front saddle if you are using the stock rear seat.

The Corbin rider's rest has two adjustments built in for this seat model. Naturally the angle is fully adjustable to fit your riding posture, but it also has a feature that allows the backrest to be mounted in a second position that gives you higher back support that is 3/4" further to the rear. Our standard seating position is a little lower than stock, but we've also kept in the height adjustment feature of the GS seat to allow for riders of different stature. All brackets are included for easy installation.

Notice how the shaping is designed to emulate the shape of your body. This gives excellent support for longer range. Our neutralized seating helps to curb sliding in the saddle which greatly reduces rider fatigue. Naturally we include genuine leather seating for a perch that breathes with your body and enhances comfort even further. We've recently redesigned to cover pattern to look great on all years and colors of the GS. Saddle comes standard with natural grain black leather seating with Tuck & Roll stitch pattern and black Asphalt vinyl side panels. Stitch pattern in seating area is optional on non-heated seats, but required for heated models.

Corbin's model is also designed to work perfectly with your BMW paniers in the various configurations available. The model shown here includes our electric seat heaters built in and you can see the switch conveniently located under your left leg. This allows you to reach it while riding without removing your hand from the throttle. There are separate switches for rider or passenger heat in this design. Just flip the switch and the saddle will heat up and maintain temperature through an integrated controller. Installation is simple with an included pigtail that wires to your battery.

Corbin's leather seating will perform well for many years and adapt with the foam shape during break in for a personalized fit. Over time it will develop its own unique character just like your leather jacket. Just be sure to care for it properly with a quality conditioner like Corbin's Saddle Cream. Your new saddle will be your favorite investment for many years to come!

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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