Сиденье Corbin для BMW R1200 RT (2005-2013)
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Corbin's front saddle is a complete ground-up build to replace your stock BMW front seat. We start with a rigid Fibertech basepan that is designed to provide a more precise fit to the RT's bodywork and has the strength to support the carefully designed ergonomics of the Corbin saddle. Our patented manufacturing process provides a mechanical and chemical bond between the foam and baseplate to assure a long term supportive shape. Other process' allow the foam to shift or move on the base which causes the seat to lose support or create hot spots. Corbin's saddle keeps the seat height adjustment to allow for riders of varying stature. Using brackets pre-installed, the seat integrates with your BMW system so height adjustment is quick and simple. In order to make our front saddle work with the stock rear, this model does not have backrest hardware built inside. However, we are currently designing a passenger seat that will hold a backrest for the operator's position. Likewise, this seat model will also work with a Smuggler trunk that installs in place of a passenger seat for convenient storage and a nice solo look.

Corbin uses a unique design principal called Ergonomic Shaping. This means the saddle is shaped like the human body to create more square inches of body contact and better weight distribution. This will eliminate hot spots and provide more support over your entire rear end. When combined with our exclusive Comfort Cell® foam, you'll find a firm supportive ride that allows you to spend all day in the saddle and rack up the miles. Near the front of the seat you can see how it was shaped to allow for good ground reach at stop signs.

Our blend of unique materials and craftsmanship provides a component that flows with the bike and looks as good as it works... Corbin delivers maximum value with designer quality appearance! Seat shaping provides a nice flowing look on the bike that matches the BMW styling. On top we've designed a cover pattern in genuine leather for a luxurious ride that looks great. Our neutralized seating platform helps to curb the tendency to slide in the saddle which will help eliminate fatigue over the long haul.

There's nothing quite like heated seating for those chilly morning rides to raise your core body temperature. We incorporate a heater unit under the leather seating and a switch on the left side of the saddle (so you can turn it on without taking your hand off the throttle). Just flip the switch and the seat will warm up and maintain temperature automatically. Comes completely preinstalled in the saddle and you only need integrate the included pigtail to your BMW wiring.

Virtually all Corbin saddles include genuine leather seating for a luxurious ride that breathes with your body. Likewise, leather seating will break in along with the foam shape to provide a personalized fit to your body over time. In the side panels we use a vinyl material to support the foam shape and keep the saddle taught and nice looking for years to come. The model shown here uses our standard black leather seating with Asphalt vinyl sides, silver carbon-fiber welt and tasteful stitch pattern. Naturally the choice of cover materials is yours to make at no extra charge.

Carefully designed ergonomics, high density Comfort Cell foam, genuine leather seating and a host of custom options all included... Corbin offers the highest possible quality in a motorcycle saddle at a reasonable price. Also, since it's a complete saddle from the basepan up, you can keep your stock BMW seat intact in case you ever decide to trade-in your bike. This also means you won't be without your bike while your seat is being built. Besides, OEM parts always make nice garage jewelry don't they?!

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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