Сиденье Corbin для BMW R1100 RT и R1150 RT (1996-2004)

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Corbin's touring package provides comfort worthy of this long legged machine. Ergonomically designed seating gives better weight distribution for miles of comfort. Neutralized platforms curb the tendency to slide in the saddle to reduce fatigue and increase your riding range. Both front and rear saddles work with our removable backrest system. Corbin backrests install easily into hardware concealed inside the saddle and lock in with a single bolt. Naturally they're adjustable to provide a tailored fit to your profile. Since they're so easy to use, you can order a single backrest and transfer it front to rear as needed or get two for full time use. Corbin backrests are available in a variety of styles to suit your taste.

All components are built up with our exclusive Comort Cell foam for a firm, supportive ride that lasts. Combined with the sculpted shaping of the seats, our foam will support you in comfort for miles of enjoyment. Over time, Comfort Cell will break in and actually begin to take on your shape for a personalized fit.

Saddles and backrests include genuine leather seating in your choice of colors and styles. Leather provides a perch that breathes with your body for a luxurious ride. Leather is extremely durable and will adapt with the foam to conform to the personalized shape. Just be sure to care for it properly with a good leather conditioner like our Saddle Cream.

Corbin's RT saddle setup is available with the option of electric seat heaters. This luxurious option comes fully integrated into the saddle for simple use and is activated with a switch located on the side of the saddle. Just integrate the wiring pigtail with your BMW harness and enjoy the warmth. When flipped on, heat is controlled and maintained automatically via the built in controller.

Designed to fit perfectly and look custom made for your RT. Corbin's saddle components work equally well with or without the BMW saddlebags mounted on the machine. Front saddle adjustability is retained and works in any of the three positions. If you opt for a trunk on your RT, we can also make a trunkrest pad for your passenger that keeps a coordinated look with your Corbin seat.

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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