Сиденье Corbin для BMW K1200 GT и K1300 GT (2006-2010)

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The perfected perch! Our front and rear designs offer generous seating that fits the shape of the human body. That helps disperse your weight better and eliminates hot spots so you can ride longer in comfort. After all, that's what the GT is all about isn't it?

Inside, our exclusive Comfort Cell foam provides support that lasts. You'll feel the difference as soon as you throw a leg over the Corbin seat for the first time... Firm! This is a result of the closed cell nature of our material that gives a foundation that supports your body. Stock foam is too soft and allows you to actually compress all the air out of it resulting in a loss of resilience. This won't happen with Corbin foam.

Now, take another look at the foam shape. Notice how we eliminated that high spot in the OEM seat that hits you right in the tail bone? We call that Centralized Pressure and the cure is to shape the seat like your body. This Ergonomic shape gives more sqare inches of body contact and better weight dispersion while removing pressure from "sensitive areas" *ahem* . Pretty simple when you think about it.

For those chilly morning rides, the Corbin seat has the option of electric heat. Simple to install and operate, the seat maintains the proper temperature automatically through an integrated controller. Simply flip the conveniently located switch to low or high and enjoy the warmth.

Passenger seat is built longer to provide a larger seating area and has hardware built in to support a removable backrest. Corbin backrest installs with a single bolt and is adjustable to provide a tailored fit to your posture. Choose from a range of styles to suit your taste. Ovalbac models (like the #02-S shown) have rear finishing plate options for a custom look.

A common issue we hear about many BMW models is the ability to reach the ground. The Corbin front seat has a platform height of 31 inches which is actually a little less than BMW's Low seat (31.5 inches). However, please note that the firmer foam and more ergonomic shaping of the saddle also makes a difference in how the seat feels.

You'll notice that in order to maximize the seating area we have not made the saddle adjustable like the stock one. This also allows us to provide a better fit to the body groove and keep the nose as narrow as possible. We've tested this design with a wide range of rider heights to allow a comfortable and safe ride for a wide range of statures.

All components include genuine leather seating panels and choice of material colors and styles. Above we show the GT with our standard black Mercedes leather in the seating, Asphalt vinyl side panels for contrast and a black welt. This makes a nice subtle touch of class on all bike colors.

Simple installation uses an included bracket for the rear seat. This bracket provides the additional strength to work in the removable backrest hardware. Once the Corbin bracket is installed, the front and rear saddles will mount or remove using the stock BMW keylock.

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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