Сиденье Corbin Dual Touring для BMW K1600 Grand America (2018)
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Our Dual Tour is designed to provide custom looks and huge comfort gains. This saddle is the most generously sculpted seating this side of your living room. Provides ergonomically designed perfection with wide, sculpted seating positions that create a larger area of contact for best possible weight distribution. Shaped like your body to eliminate pressure points and give long lasting support that will keep you in the saddle all day.

Corbin's rigid fibertech basepan provides a perfect fit and is built low to hug the frame. This allowed us to create a foam shape that keeps you in the sweet spot which provides a feeling of increased integration with the bike and more positive feeling of control. Deep, supportive bucket design gives six inches of vertical support. All of this adds up to a very relaxed posture and comfortable ride.

Saddle includes integrated electric seat heaters for that added bit of luxury. Corbin seat heaters require a pigtail be spliced into the stock heater wiring. This pigtail plugs into the Corbin saddle which is then operated via the BMW controls.

The rider's seating area is designed to work with an optional Corbin backrest for added comfort and support. All Corbin backrest models are angle adjustable to fit a wide variety of statures and riding postures. Internal hardware keeps a clean look with no external hardware.

We offer a variety of backrest models to suit your taste and amount of support desired. Shown above with our Standard Ovalbac (#02-SB) model which provides excellent support of 9" tall x 11" wide and also with our Tee model Ovalbac (#02-T) which offers13" tall x 13.5" width. Click on the Accessories tab to view all available models.

Uses our exclusive Comfort Cell foam to provide firm support that stays resilient indefinitely. We cast this special Closed Cell material nearly twice as firm as the stock foam to support your body weight. Soft foam allows your body to fall through it the longer you sit on it... once compressed, soft foam offers no resilience and you start to experience discomfort. That's why we always say "firm is a good thing!"

On the outside we include genuine leather seating inserts for total luxury. We prefer leather seating because it is durable, will breathe with your body and adapt with the foam shape as it breaks in. Vinyl side panels help to support the foam shape and keep the cover looking nice longer. A wide variety of color and texture options are available by special order at no additional charge. Shown above:
• Black Natural Grain Leather Seating, Blade Side Panels, Silver Carbon-Fiber Welts and Black Stitching.

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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