Сиденье Corbin для BMW R1150 R (2001-2005)
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- Двойное сиденье с подогревом
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- Видеоинструкция по использованию конфигуратора

Long range two-up comfort from the makers of the legendary Corbin saddle! Corbin offers a model of our Canyon Dual Sport saddle with the luxurious option of heated seating platforms. We convert your two-piece stock seat into a single unit to provide added strength for the backrest and an engineered platform that supports the foam shape properly. Naturally, we use our exclusive Comfort Cell® foam for a firm supportive ride that adapts to your body over time for a personalized fit. For the ultimate in luxury, we have built electric seat heaters into our saddle design. To add a touch of class and conceal the heating pads, we use a tasteful Tuck & Roll (shown here) or DT stitch pattern (below). A single switch controls the heat for both the rider and passenger positions. The switch is conveniently located along the left side of the saddle so you can reach it without taking your hand off the throttle. Temperature is controlled automatically by a thermostat built into the control unit. This setup is very simple to install into your BMW fusebox.

This Corbin seat model works with a removable passenger backrest for added comfort and support. Sculpted to fit the shape of your passengers back and simple to adjust with a single set screw. We now offer five backrest models to choose from including our new "Ovalbac" series (#02-S shown). Our passenger rest installs in either of two height positions and angle adjusts to a tailored fit. Backrest support hardware is built into the saddle at no charge so you can get a backrest now or order one any time in the future.

All Corbin saddles are built up with our exclusive Comfort Cell® foam. They may feel firm at first, but they break-in to your body and provide lasting support for years... firm is a Good thing! Ergonomically designed seating provides a contoured contact patch that eliminates hot spots. We've also neutralized the seating posture to curb sliding in the saddle and have provided ample room for you to move fore and aft depending on your riding posture. Please note, saddles without built in heaters can be ordered without a stitch pattern like the one shown here.

Both saddle and backrest include genuine leather seating areas that conform along with the saddle for perfect break-in. We can use our exclusive Carbon Fiber leather in the seating and coordinated vinyl side panels to complete the custom look while keeping the saddle looking sharp and the foam shape crisp. The use of unique, textured materials was pioneered by Corbin. We're bringing riders a very high value by providing leather saddles at a fair price. Saddle installation is simple by transferring a latch from your stock front seat onto the Corbin saddle. This provides a perfect, simple mount with an excellent fit.

For a final bit of customization, you can choose from a variety of backing plate options for your Corbin Ovalbac passenger rest. We offer a standard leather-look model or can provide a Carbon-Fiber look model like this one at no extra charge (just be sure to specify). We also offer backing plates with an aluminum look, paintable or even prepainted gloss black for just a little extra. Another Corbin value!

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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