Сиденье Corbin Dual Sport для BMW Slash 7 (1974-1984)

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All day touring comfort for two riders on Slash 6 and Slash 7 BMWs. Features sculpted riding positions to provide you with a supportive ride and proper weight distribution to eliminate hot spots. Generous support keeps you comfortable in the seat all day. Inside, our exclusive Comfort Cell foam material provides a firm resilient ride that doesn't break down over time. Whether you're on a quick blast to the store or a weekend ride, Corbin's foam material provides the support you need.

Saddles accept Corbin's removable backrest for added passenger comfort. We offer several styles of backrest to suit your taste and the amount of support desired. Backrests are simple to install with just a single bolt and are adjustabe to provide a tailored fit to your copilot's posture.

Saddle and backrests include genuine leather seating in your choice of colors and styles. Color coordinating welts and our Moto-Sport emblem are also included if desired (please specify). Leather seating breathes with your body to provide a luxurious ride. Additionally, leather will break in along with the foam shape to give a personalized fit to your posterior.

Slash 7 Saddle fits only `74-`84 fuel tank. Works with stock chrome hand rail (Please tell us when ordering!)

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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