Сиденье Corbin для BMW F650 CS

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An elegant looking and ergonomically perfected saddle for an elegant looking motorcycle. Corbin's new two up saddle design for the F650 CS gives you the best of both worlds with an accessory that looks as good as it performs. Designed and built from the ground up to provide superior performance which also allows you to keep you original saddle intact. Naturally the Corbin design gives a nice custom appearance with genuine leather seating for total riding luxury.

Corbin uses exclusive, purpose built materials and patented manufacturing processes to bring you the most advanced, and comfortable seat design available at a fair price. Our exclusive Comfort Cell foam provides a firm, supportive perch that is shaped to conform to your body. This ergonomic design give more square inches of body contact to eliminate hot spots and disperse weight properly. Built nearly twice as dense as the stock foam to remain resilient and support your body for a full day of riding enjoyment.

On the outside we use genuine leather seating panels that breathe with your body and provide a luxurious ride. Leather will also break in along with the foam shape to conform to your body and give you a personalized fit over time. In the side panels we use a coordinating vinyl material that remains looking new longer and supports the foam shape. For this bike we have two special cover designs as shown here: Our Performance design features Carbon-Fiber materials for a sporty look while our American Hot Rod style uses our plain black materials with a traditional hot rod flame stitch pattern.

When we say it's built from the ground up, we mean it. We started out by creating our basepan shape directly on the motorcycle to assure a perfect fit. No other motorcycle seat brand fits this perfect... in fact most of them don't even try and require you send in your stock seat for reworking. Instead we use a Fibertech baseplate that is firm enough to support the foam while contouring to the bike's bodywork. Our patented manufacturing process chemically bonds the basepan and foam shape together to assure the carefully designed ergonomic shape remains intact indefinitely. Over 38 years of development go into every Corbin saddle made!

Notice how the organic shaping of the saddle looks graceful on the bike. This is another example of form following function to a beautiful finish. From this angle you can also see how both seating positions are shaped like the human body which will greatly enhance comfort. Up toward the nose, the seating is shaped to support under your thighs when riding, but will allow you to slide forward and get good ground reach at stop signs.

To keep everything nice and tasteful, we've opted to embroider a small Corbin logo in the side panel rather than adding the traditional Corbin tag to this seat model. Remember, you will need to care for your leather saddle properly with a quality conditioner like our Saddle Cream. This will help the leather to remain weather resistant and age gracefully as you enjoy many years of riding comfort!

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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