Сиденье Corbin для BMW R, CS, RS и RT (1974-1984)
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Corbin Gunfighter for total solo sport touring comfort. Notice how nicely the saddle contours up the tank and molds perfectly to the cowling for a perfect fit. Fastback tail section gives your bike a nice, fast look but provides for short trip passengers. Up front the ergonomically sculpted seating position gives you proper weight distribution to eliminate hot spots. Dished seating contours to your body and provides support for long days on the road. Inside, our Comfort Cell foam provides a firm, resilient ride that lasts. Over time your saddle will break in and actually take on your shape for a personalized fit.

Gunfighter includes genuine leather seating for a luxurious ride. Leather will breathe with your body and adapt with the foam shape during break in. Choose from a wide selection of leather styles and colors for a custom look. For a more subtle touch, choose a simple colored welt to coordinate with your bike's paint. All of these options are included at no extra charge!

Leather is extremely durable and will last for years when cared for properly. Be sure to use a quality conditioner like our Saddle Cream to keep it supple and weather resistant. Avoid cleaners and conditioners with a petroleum or kerosene base as that will damage the hide and shorten its lifespan.

Saddle offers approximately 270 cubic inches of storage under the Gunfighter tail section. Includes new hinges and adjustable latch pin or immediate installation on your bike. Fit's on the BMW dual cowling. Sorry, this model does not fit the R-65 models.

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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