Сиденье Corbin для BMW S1000 RR (2012-2015) и HP4 (2014)

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Corbin's saddle design greatly enhances the comfort of this awesome bike by ergonomically dispersing your weight over a greater area. Built up of Corbin's Comfort Cell® foam to provide miles and miles of supportive comfort. Our exclusive foam material feels firm at first, but doesn't break down like the stock foam keeping your body supported indefinitely for day long riding enjoyment.

Notice how the Corbin saddle not only offers a wider seating platform, but our foam shape has been dished out so it conforms to the shape of your body... this shaping helps to increase body contact area and eliminate hot spots. Naturally we shape the nose of the saddle narrow to allow for good ground reach while our Neutralized platform helps to reduce the tendency to slide toward the tank under braking. Inside, our exclusive foam material gives firm support that will break in for a custom fit over time.

Engineered to fit perfect to the tank, chassis and tail section, our solo saddle will work with the stock rear seat or cowling if you prefer. At this time we don't offer a passenger seat due to the minimal space provided... besides are any of you folks out riding two up on this bike?

Our front saddle is manufactured with a fibertech basepan for unsurpassed fit that ride on rubber bumpers to protect the motorcycle's paint job. To make installation easier our seat comes ready to install with brackets pre-mounted on the saddle.

Includes genuine leather seating inserts for a true touch of luxury. We've come up with a slick cover design that allows for custom or subtle looks depending on your preference. Above we show the saddle decked out with Carbon-Fiber leather seating, a tasteful stitch pattern, Sky Blue welts and Asphalt side panels for contrast. As an added touch, we've used a Moto-Sport themed logo tastefully embroidered in the side.

Leather seating will provide a surface that breathes with your body and will adapt with the foam during break in for a perfectly personalized fit. Just be sure to care for it properly with a quality leather conditioner like our Saddle Cream to help it age gracefully and remain weather resistant.

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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