Сиденье Corbin для BMW R1100 RS & R1150 RS (1993 - 2004)

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Our new Dual Touring Saddle provides you and a passenger with sculpted seating and long range comfort with the luxurious addition of electric seating heaters. Generously contoured platforms provide excellent weight distribution to eliminate pressure points and give support. Our newly designed one-piece saddle is engineered to work on both the R1100 RS and R1150 RS models and install easily in place of the stock two-piece seat. Corbin's Dual Touring saddle accepts a removable passenger backrest for maximum copilot comfort and support. Our backrest is fully adjustable for a tailored fit to rider posture. Special hardware (internal to the saddle) allows our backrests to install easily with a single bolt securing it into the saddle. We also offer a range of styles to suit your taste, but recommend the #02-L Ovalbac model for the best combination of looks and comfort.

For the ultimate in luxury, we have built electric seat heaters into our Dual Touring saddle design. A single switch controls the heat for both the rider and passenger positions. The switch is conveniently located along the left side of the saddle so you can reach it without taking your hand off the throttle. The two position switch allows you to select a heat level depending on conditions. The level of heat is controlled automatically by a thermostat built into the control unit. This setup is very simple to install into your BMW fusebox.

We use genuine leather in all of our seat models to provide a luxurious ride that breathes with your body. A wide range of leather options are available for a custom look to suit your taste. Leather will break in along with your foam shape to give you a personalized fit and will age gracefully with proper care. Be sure to take good care of your leather seat with a quality conditioner like Corbin's Saddle Cream.

With items like heated seating platforms, genuine leather, classy stitch patterns and the option of our new Ovalbac style backrest, the Corbin saddle is the best value in touring comfort. Corbin backrests are ergonomically shaped to give passengers contoured support. Their ovalic design not only looks great but it makes a terrific hand hold for passengers or yourself while moving your bike around a parking lot. Our classy tuck and roll stitch pattern adds a nostalgic look while providing a nice soft touch to the seat and concealing the heating units.

Бренд: Corbin

Страна производства: США

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